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Have you wondered how the chicken (like General Tso’s or Crispy Honey) at Chinese takeout establishments could achieve such crispy chicken texture without deep frying it?  A while back, I heard the secret was cornstarch. I decided to give it a try on my own, making my best guesses on recreating the texture.  This recipe doesn’t have quite the buildup of batter on the outside, but the chicken gets nice and crispy.  The inside stays moist and juicy. If you like your entrees extra saucy, just spoon more soyaki sauce over your rice. Careful, though! Soy-based sauces are very salty, so you can go overboard! A couple of spoonfuls of extra sauce should be plenty.


Organic Basmati Rice on Amazon.comtrader joes island soyaki sauceServe this Crispy Asian Chicken with Soyaki Sauce over Basmati Rice (cooked according to the package).  I prefer the Island Soyaki Sauce from Trader Joe’s. Roasted Carrots are a natural side dish and can cook in the oven while you’re preparing the chicken and rice on the stovetop.  Try using chopped cilantro (instead of parsley or dill) on the carrots. Cilantro would also taste incredible on top of the Chicken and Rice.