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Cheeseburger-pizza-recipeGet ready, this Cheeseburger Pizza recipe makes a pizza that tastes just like… you guessed it… a cheeseburger!  It kind of is a cheeseburger, really.  I mean, nearly all the ingredients that you would put on a cheeseburger are on this pizza, so why would it taste like anything else?

Ultimately, this recipe will be one of many creative pizza ideas you’ll see featured on MENUbility.  If you follow our menus or know me personally, you may know that I’m a big fan of Naan as a pizza base.  If you ask Google “What is Naan?”, you’ll get back:

Naan – a type of leavened bread, typically of teardrop shape and traditionally cooked in a clay oven.

I like Naan for its taste, texture and size.  Usually, I find it in the bakery section of my grocery store and it’s sold in packs of 2.  So, for my family of 4, I buy 2 packages of Naan, giving me 4 individual-sized pizza crusts.  A friend of mine calls Naan Pizzas “Naanzas”, and we’ve adopted that term in our house, too.

On a typical night, my husband and I each have one naanza (1 per adult). My kids are still pretty small, so they usually consume 1/2 naanza each, leaving one whole naanza as leftovers for lunch the next day.  Pair it with salad, and you’ve got a lovely fast, easy weeknight pizza that everyone in the family will love.

A quick note on kids who don’t like cheeseburgers: my kids… they aren’t so crazy about them either. They would never order a cheeseburger out at a restaurant, ever.  I think it’s the format of a cheeseburger that is a little intimidating for them.  BUT, they do like cheeseburger pizzas.  And that’s just it.  It’s not always the ingredients that our kids protest.  Sometimes, it’s the format, the vehicle for those ingredients that they just can’t wrap their little heads around.  Before you count a dish out, I encourage you to try changing it up a bit.  Get creative! Deconstruct those sandwiches into salads, or that burrito into a rice bowl. Once we get them tasting things in a variety of ways, we can hope that their palates will become more adventurous and that one day, they’ll come to enjoy many of the same things we do as grown ups.

I’d love to hear about the creative ways you get your kids to eat a variety of food. Please also share your thoughts on this Cheeseburger Pizza recipe, too!